The International Society for Japanese Kampo Medicine (ISJKM) is an international association that promotes communication and collaboration among English speaking researchers and practitioners who are dedicated to and identify with Japanese Kampo Medicine.


The purpose of the society is to provide an international voice in understanding the scope of the field and promoting excellence in clinical practice, education and research.


ISJKM was founded 2009 in Tokyo and is located in London.


In accordance with the results of the General Meeting of April 2013 in London, the following members currently form the Executive Board:


President: Heidrun Reißenweber-Hewel, Munich, Germany:

Vice-President: Ulrich Eberhard, Madrid, Spain:

Treasurer for Western members: Gretchen de Soriano, London, UK:

Treasurer for Japanese members: Hiroshi Odaguchi, Tokyo, Japan:

Upcoming !

ISJKM is proud to announce the:


3rd International Symposium for Japanese Kampo Medicine

in Vienna, Austria

on Friday, June 19, 2015


Highlights of Japanese Kampo Medicine:

Traditional Knowledge, Modern Research and Clinical Practice


Venue: Hotel de France, Vienna, Austria


Join us for this unique opportunity to remain at the cutting edge of Kampo Medicine. The General Meeting of ISJKM will be held on June 20, 2015.

Further details about the program and the registration procedure will follow soon!


In the meantime please save the date June 19, 2015 !!



Post 2014 ICCMR Miami Congress Information:


ISCMR Trainee Poster Prize Winners


2nd Place:
Tetsuhiro Yoshino, Center for Kampo Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, (Japan) “Kampo Traditional Pattern Diagnosis and the Clustering Analysis of Patients with Cold Sensation"


Congratulations from ISJKM!